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When you make Fremont Hardwoods - Floor Refinishing & Install your choice for hardwood floor refinish in Riverton, WY, you can be assured of superior service and quality results. Hardwood floor refinishing is one of the three major services we provide to residential customers. Quality wood flooring should provide many years of good service, but eventually the need will arise for restoration or repair, especially high traffic areas.

When you rely on our services, you will find your scuffed, scratched, stained and somewhat abused hardwood floor will be made to look as if it has just been installed. Hardwood resurfacing may or may not be necessary, depending on the condition of your floor, but in most cases a certain amount of resurfacing will be in order, particularly if there are deep scratches, or the wood has otherwise been roughed up.

Resurfacing is also advisable to eliminate areas of discoloration, an issue with many types of hardwood floors that are exposed to direct sunlight. Once we have achieved smooth, uniform results, the next step will be re coating. The re coating material we use is extremely tough and hard once it has dried. The final step is to wax and buff, after which your floor is yours to walk on once more.

While it may be natural to be a bit hesitant to begin walking on your newly restored floor, there is no need to worry. When we have finished, you will once again have a floor that will easily stand up to normal wear and tear for many years to come.

Tell us the approximate area of the flooring you wish to have restored, and we will be more than pleased to give you a no-obligation estimate. Or, we can visit your home, gather the necessary information, and offer our estimate at that time. If you have been thinking of staining your flooring once it has been resurfaced, we can discuss that with you as well.

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